...and it will reward you!

The role of beneficial microbes has been extensively studied and there is ample proof that, like in nature, agricultural systems benefit from a complex underground network of mutualistic, and symbiotic associations. By teaming with microbes, crops, trees, lawns all improve their ability to absorb nutrients and resist drought, disease and pests. Not only that but microbes enable plants to better tolerate extreme temperature fluctuations, saline soils and other challenges that may lead to crop damage or failure. Whatever your growing system, when you steward your soil with EcoBiota Solutions products, you can revitalize problematic turf, achieve greater yields, and harvest top quality, highly nutritional and flavor-full products year after year. All of this means lower perishability and higher profits!


How can this be without using high grade fertilizers and pesticides? 

The answer lies in the complex soil ecosystem of an old growth forest, the place where all modern plants, insects, microbes, fungi and animals originated. Fungi and microbes are activated by their plant hosts and carry out a series of ecosystem services for each other's success. Plants will communicate and support each other underground via exudation of gasses and chemical signals, all with the assistance of microbes. Healthy, living soil has been likened to an economy where exchanges are happening with complex sugars, electrolytes, micronutrients, acids, proteins, carbon and more, a diversity of soil position themselves on the tissues of the plants. In many cases beneficial microbes cooperate among themselves in order to provide their “service” to the plant and to outcompete pathogenic diseases such as molds or pests such as nematodes. 


Promote Soil Health by Teaming with Microorganisms

Producing more food with fewer resources may seem too good to be true, but the world’s farmers have trillions of potential partners that can help achieve that ambitious goal. Those partners are microbes.

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