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100% Natural Fertilizer

Regenerative solutions for professional crop producers, where conventional methods no longer cut it.

 EcoBiota Solutions is a purveyor of fertilizers derived from green-waste, mineral, and a diversity of beneficial microbes.  Our products bolster 100% of crops by stimulating growth, developing environmental adaptations, repelling harmful insects and providing disease resistance. 


Perhaps the last frontier in crop science is to understand the complexity of soil fertility. Now, many conventional farms are shifting to regenerative practices, such as our solutions, proven to increase productivity with less inputs. Using EcoBiota Solutions products alone, you may restore a healthy balance to the soil microbiome, significantly improving yield volume and nutritional value.


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What we supply:

Each product in our line supports a variety of crop needs. Whether you need to promote lush vegetative growth, support root and fruit development, or ward off pests and pathogens.


And it will reward you!

Our products are biotic:

Powered by living microbes, suspended in a dormant state. A liquid consortium or community of aerobic microscopic organisms, from mycorrhizae to rhizobia, selected for their beneficial effects on soil health, aggregate structure and fertility.

How our products work: Browse facts and information validating the principles of regenerative agriculture.

“I have a papaya plant in my backyard that grows every Summer, then gets hit by frost in the winter and dies until the Spring. This time I applied your liquid just for fun and have gone through two frosts and it is still green and growing”

Bill Gregor

Bushnell, Fl

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